If Only I Were Graced With An Accent.

ONE: Alexa Chung
She is absolutely amazing. No need of explanation, just watch and fall into awe.

TWO: Goal for the Future
Become the artistic director of Nylon. I know, it seriously deserves an "in your dreams" comment, but I am determined. The amount of inspiration the beyond magical magazine feeds me is out of this world! Even if I landed a job there serving the editors tea, I would be in heaven.


  1. Courtney7.1.10

    oh my gosh! i want just to explore that closet! i mean, the accessory table?! to die for! thanks for posting yet another great blog :)

  2. I love her accent too!

  3. I love alexa chung & your goal. really nice blog!

  4. Anonymous3.2.10

    ALEXA CHUNG IS MY FAVORITE PERSON EVER! this blog is amazing..keep it up