Guess Who's Back, Back Again

Do I even need to touch upon how unacceptable my lack of creativity in the whimsical world of blogging has been? Because of my complete and utter humiliation, let us zoom by that thought and realize that yes, I am back...again

The past few months have been absolute insanity. I have had so many adventures that have sparked so many ideas for this blog and I could not resist but to start posting again. Point blank, I was thirsty for inspiration.

This is just one jewel I have gathered and is necessary to share! 
I started out this post with more than 10 examples of my dying love for inspiration...but i decided to not overwhelm you with excitement and spread it out...

could anything be more perfect? in the beginning of the year my friend's mom was invited to a private gallery of all of the magical photograph's of Greg Gorman...yes the god himself. i absolutely fell in love with this picture, between this one and the one of james franco, this one pulled through and stole my heart. the comedy mixed with the beauty is overwhelmingly exciting and beautifully done. bravo greg, bravo.

{this semester, i am also taking black and white photography and will definitely post some of my photos later}



The Glorious Gap

No - not the store

So as I was once again taking a visual stroll though my extremely unorganized "Inspiration" folder on my crowded desktop, I found numerous photographs of models with the all praised tooth gap. Being in complete awe at the unique element the gap added to the page, I was forced to remince about the times when I had a miniature gap in between my two little front teeth leading me to forever regret that day the orthodontist ever gave me those silver monsters - braces.

I must say I was completely fascinated and taken by the look. Now let me tell you, if I had the breathtaking looks of Georgina May Jagger, I would be dead before ever stepping into an orthodontists office. I strongly believe that an element of these photographs that make them so unique and grasping is underlying resistance of us criticizing beings. The fact that these strong woman stood against the clawing public and stood strong facing their facial faults and making it their best feature.

The revoloution of the gap has definitely warped our little bubble of fashion for the best and I am delighted to see whats more to come! ...Here are only a few stunning pictures of this "gapped" models.
  [Photographed:Georgina May Jagger,Lara Stone,Iekeliene Stange]


"fashion is a religion, this is the bible"- Anna Wintour
Inspiration SPRING BREAK '10


Busy Busy Bee

Hello All!

It's finially Spring Break can you believe it! Besides the lazy attitude that has kicked in, the past few days have been excitingly busy. From the Kids Choice Awards '10 to The Black Eyed Peas concert my head has been spinning with excitement and my ears have been ringing with joy.

Now let the focus of this post be the Kid's Choice Awards. I truly do not watch Nickelodeon anymore, but being the venue zoomed me back to my reminiscent childhood of Sponge Bob and of course, slime.

PLEASED: As my best friend and I strutted down the isle to find our seats, I was shocked by the mesmerizing set up of the stage. As you all may have noticed from my sidebar icons and header, I have a thing for symmetrical shapes (very odd, I know) but the stage caught me by surprise and utilized the art of symmetrical shapes beautifully! Aside from the stage, lets get to the meat of it, the celebrities. I do have to admit that my "Jonas Brothers" phase had definitely past and had been in the dust for about 3 years. But as soon as my eyes laid on the luscious locks of Nick Jonas, I was once again in love! Now I have to say, I really never do get star struck but when I saw this duo, I must say I had a severe case of it. Since the first season, my mom and I have had an obsession with Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and when Kendall and Kylie Jenner walked right by me, I was in complete awe!

DISPLEASED: I wont be going through who was the best dressed and who was the worst dressed because I do not believe that celebrities on the runway have that independence when they wear what their stylist chose for them. Another part of the show that I was unhappy with was the amount of footage they could have had, which was cut out. About 5 awards that were nominated were not announced and some amazing artists like The Black Eyed Peas or Lady Gaga were not able to be recognized. But all in all, this awards show brought me back to my childhood and provided me with a night of fun and excitement!

Because this post was extremely long and boring and none of the pictures from the award show really caught my eye, here is a little motivator for you all...in a few days you will be vicariously living through the Black Eyed Peas Concert. Get pumped.