Guess Who's Back, Back Again

Do I even need to touch upon how unacceptable my lack of creativity in the whimsical world of blogging has been? Because of my complete and utter humiliation, let us zoom by that thought and realize that yes, I am back...again

The past few months have been absolute insanity. I have had so many adventures that have sparked so many ideas for this blog and I could not resist but to start posting again. Point blank, I was thirsty for inspiration.

This is just one jewel I have gathered and is necessary to share! 
I started out this post with more than 10 examples of my dying love for inspiration...but i decided to not overwhelm you with excitement and spread it out...

could anything be more perfect? in the beginning of the year my friend's mom was invited to a private gallery of all of the magical photograph's of Greg Gorman...yes the god himself. i absolutely fell in love with this picture, between this one and the one of james franco, this one pulled through and stole my heart. the comedy mixed with the beauty is overwhelmingly exciting and beautifully done. bravo greg, bravo.

{this semester, i am also taking black and white photography and will definitely post some of my photos later}


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