Help Help Hope

My passion for style and the arts are left in the dark when disaster strikes. All of my talk and my wants for extravagant designer pieces are muted when disaster calls. Tonight, fashion is taking a break and the loud cry of charity for hope, help, and inspiration is loud. The beyond tragic earthquake that hit Haiti about a week ago, cracking through peoples lives and shaking up the families of so many hit me hard. A shock of reality and the real world came crashing down as we all painfully anticipated the results of the horrendous earthquake.

The response to the event is beyond incredible, and we can only enhance the success. Last night as I was lazily flipping though channels, a smile was brought upon my face as almost ever other channel was broadcasting the live Hope for Haiti telethon. I loved seeing how many of my favorite celebrities became their pure selves in order to help such an important cause. So inspirational and powerful.

Even though this post isn't frilly and filled with colorful excitement, it is our world, and we have the responsibility to help. Please help in hopes of reviving the vibrant culture and life ruined in Haiti.

visit www.hopeforhaitinow.com and please donate to a beyond charitable cause


  1. Jennifer23.1.10

    completely agreed
    inspirational post

  2. wow, I know what you mean!!
    great poetry/inspirational words (:

    you should be a journalist, miss.



  3. I agree! Amazing blog btw

  4. I watched the telethon too..what a terrible tragedy.