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ONE. Lady Gaga

I recently had the privilege of seeing Lady GaGa in concert, she is FABULOUS! Look forward to a post about it very soon. Her outfits of course were amazing and made us all go "gaga". She is such an outstanding performer, pictures to come soon!


I am in need to hear about all of your festivities and gatherings. Comment on this post about what you got for the holidays!

THREE. Wish List

A few things wanted for the holidays:
1. A Nikon Digital Camera (have been DYING for one!)
2. The Teen Vogue Hand Book
3. Earrings! I am going through a phase where earrings have definitely become my favorite accessory! They can honestly add some spice to any outfit and make it complete! Personally, "dangling" earrings are not my favorite, but I am obsessed with studs. I got a few pairs for the holidays and will definitely create a post if any more are purchased! I am IN LOVE with these:
FOUR. Inspiration

Anyways, I stumbled upon this gorgeous fashion spread a while ago and needed to share with you. So much inspiration right here! The light pinks and detailed setting made me instantly fall in love. The amount of creativity added to the spread really emphasizes the uniqueness of fashion. No boundaries. Vogue UK, November 2008


  1. Those are cute earrings. I would definitely DIY the ones in the second link. Fabric covered buttons+ earring backs and you're done. Cute blog :)

  2. Great spreads! Lookin' forward next posts :) cactusfashion.blogspot.com

  3. I love this spread you found!
    Its so fantasy land/adventure land like (:

    I like your header as well as the one you made (:

    I just started a blog