Beautiful, Dirty Dirty Rich Rich

Admit it. We all go gaga for gaga.

The night I went to her concert I was flooded not only by people decked out in boxy outfits and extravagant blond "bow" wigs, but also with the most excitement imaginable. I mean COME ON, Its Lady Gaga! I have been a strong follower from the beginning and I definitely consider myself one of her "little monsters". Her ease on stage and killer appearance perfected the night.

Now, lets get to her outfits. My level of appreciation for Stefani Germanotta, aka the one we all love, Gaga, soars above and beyond when I see her strut her masterpieces. Not in a while has a powerful figure warped our perception of fashion and appearance as much as she has. Who would have thought a jacket made out of wires would be fashionable three years ago?! Only yesterday I walked into Forever 21 and all my friend could say was "This is SUCH a Lady GaGa piece". Not ever would our fashion and entertainment world be the same without her stunning motivations she's brought to us "little monsters". While dancing and singing my heart out, I almost felt like I was experiencing something historical. Something crazy I could tell my kids that would put them in awe, like now-a-days when parents say " I was the first to see the Beatles in concert". Anyways, I hope that through these pictures my friend and I snapped you can vicariously live though the "historical" night I lived through.

how amazing is her outfit here?! this one was my personal favorite!


  1. Hey written that blogpost!!!

  2. sounds like you had fun! happy new year!


  3. ohhhh, LUCKY!
    she's amazing :D
    also, thanks for posting the Daily Style Channel badge in your sidebar, I'll tell you when you'll be featured on my blog :D

  4. Thank you! I can't wait to be featured! Chrissi, THANK YOU FOR THE POST!

  5. I absolutely agree with you LadyGaga is so fabulous. She has completely altered our society, which makes me just love her even more. Being such a huge influence, I respect her for her brave fashion choices. Her "Bad Romance" video is like watching a live fashion spread.
    Lucky you, I bet that concert was unbelievable.

    xx, Q.