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My dearest Readers:

My deepest apologies for being the worst blogger on the planet! I have been so busy lately and bombarded with loads of work. But I will pledge to you all that I will try, no matter what the struggle, to at least share ONE post with you each week!

This is so overdue it is humiliating. But here are my favorites from New York Fashion week! All of these made me go mad and the new and evolving styles are giving me butterflies. I hope you enjoy them and I am again so sorry for being the worst blogger...but I'm back.

Animal Prints. Wool. Jean. Leather. Jewels. Nude Colors. What better materials could anyone use? This show has definitely stuck out as one of my favorites from New York fashion week. If I were there, it may have been dangerous as I would stream out of extreme excitement for all of the gorgeous masterpieces the almighty Philip Lim has whipped up for all us fashion fanatics. This show in one word is: splendid. Thank you for feeding all of us hungry viewers with inspiration, Mr. Lim.

Even though Charlotte Ronson was not one of my absolute favorite shows, her usage of colors and cuts really made it stand out. I adore the Parisian accents in her clothing and the way she almost made lazy look chic. How incredible and rich are the oranges and blues?

Alert Alert! Cushnie et Ochs has made my heart melt. Not only am I head over heels for these pieces, they have met my high standards and have been given a gold ribbon by me and named as my new favorite designer. I want to hide in a closet filled with their beautiful cloths and stay there forever. Oh jeez, this show is way too incredible, just view and enjoy. 

Pretty! I love the loose pieces that give off a fall and rustic feel. The oranges are so rich! The brave turn she took to add golds and night pieces in there was definitely successful and kept me intrigued throughout all of the pieces. Simple and chic, I adore it.

Marc, how do you do it every time? On the Teen Vogue forums, it has bold the slogan "Mad for Marc?", well to answer your question Teen Vogue, why yes I am. The perfect blend of menswear with loose comfortable wool pieces to make a majestic show. Now, I think I love this show so much because it is logical. It targets everyone, every shape and size and taste as it ranges from classic office wear to lounge wear. I definitely cannot wait to purchase some of these pieces as they are ones similar to that of what I wear everyday. Also, congratulations to Marc for mastering the delicate art of lace. Absolutely gorgeous detail! Definitely a very SoHo show (hey it rhymes) and I absolutely love it. As I have already expressed my deep adoration for Mr. Jacobs, I think it is unnecessary to go on with my ranting.

What's my Philosophy? Well just a glance at this stunning runway show grasps my definition of fashion. Every stitch made my heart melt as the clothing screamed out with the idea "menswear meets school girl". I am head over heels for the collars with the lace embroidered details. I was beyond impressed with the phenomenal twist on femininity with the military accents incorporated into the jackets and leather coats. Perfect balance. Bravo

I am speechless. Flipping through the magical photographs of Proenza Schouler's fall collection, my mouth was watering. The collaboration of furs, wools, and once again, school girl accents were impeccable. I crave to attain one of these rare masterpieces. I am absolutely in love with fur collars, I definitely need to buy a coat with one very soon! Another piece I fell in love with was the wool crop top sweaters. I have one of them myself and will definitely be showing it on here very soon. How much more amazing could this show get?

The reason why I admire Rodarte is because they cross the set line the fashion world sets for us all. As far fetched as it sounds, when I look at a piece of their clothing, I feel my heart beat faster and my eyes water because we are honestly so privileged to have a designer push the limits and feed us with rich inspiration like nothing we have ever tasted before. They once again mastered the art of creating a “collage on cloths” and pairing florals with fringes and lace with ropes. The ethnic and cultural feel the pieces give off is truly impeccable and out of this world. Rodarte, thank you for making my day year.


  1. i love the way you ended this post. it really summarized my sentiments for the fashion world... it is truly an art form. i love and admire your blog!

  2. this post was AMAZING!! i really admire your taste for fashion and taking time to look through every show and pull out your favorites!! I completely agree with everything you have said and I always look forward to your posts. YOU. ARE. BACK.

  3. I LOVE THIS POST! <3 I am so happy your back; I missed your posts.

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    this is INCREDIBLE!!!! why are you SO talented?

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