The Darling Duo

Hello! I am so glad you all enjoyed my outfit post! There will definitely be more of those soon. Please comment on the post and let me know what you would like to see in the next one! Indulging in the web while browsing on Urban Outfitters, I bought three pairs of breathtaking shoes that will definitely make their way onto the blog soon.

ONE: Once again, an piece a couple of gorgeous pieces of clothing have been on my mind and will not escape. Not only would they answer my prayers and dreams of finding the cherry on top to a perfect outfit be achieved but I would also meet the needs of my fetish! As you all know, I am "loco" for Marc. Where to start?! His collections bring life to us all and feed us with the perfect about of inspiration for us to all thrive. Without Marc, our world would be dull without his unique cuts and elaborate colors that add zest to the planet of fashion. A slight problem I have as you all know is I fall in love with clothing about 2 years after they were on the market! And my bad habit has come to haunt me again as the perfect duo has touched my heart. I am completely in love with these shoes and am thinking of purchasing the Mary Janes to wear to semi-formal.

TWO: Quickly before we reach the "meat" of the post, here is a little reminder. I have made a few headers for people know on my own blog, The.Edge (please check her out! She just started and is one of my best best friends!) and ALoveforFashion!. Please contact me at lamodlamode@yahoo.com if you would like me to create your header. It is cost free and I absolutely adore doing it!
I apologize for the bad quality photo but I just had to doodle my thoughts! The shoes are gorgeous and so creative and chic. Just wonderful. They make me want to sail off to a far land called Marc Jacobs and stay there forever!The opened toe shoe is sunning. They definitely remind of me of something I could see on the runway for Luella but good old Marc has done is agin and warped it into his own masterpieceHats off to you, Marc.


  1. I LOVE THIS!! You are an amazing artist! Thanks for the shout out!! I love love love this!! Browne would be proud of your writing, btdubs. :D

    P.S. DON'T DELETE...Imma cut you if you do. :)

  2. I love ur drawing!


  3. I love the this drawing..I try to do this type of thing..but it never looks good!

  4. P.S. I LOVE your outfit post...perfect! More outfit posts!

  5. Anonymous9.2.10

    adorable sketch!

  6. mmm marc jacobs <3

    lovelove, m.