Back To the Future

Being lazy on this Tuesday afternoon, I decided to look on the Cobra Snake after I had heard he had been shuffling around the crazy world of fashion. I have always been a fan of his unique style of photography and am extremely impressed with the outcome of his photographs from the wonderful shows such as Alexander Wang and Charlotte Ronson.

The behind the scenes, backstage life of a model on the runway has always fascinated me beyond this world. In my opinion it is the unseen footage of a show that really captures ones attention and puts them in awe. The real way to savor a show on the runway. It is as if models are these gorgeous aliens who become alive once set foot behind the curtains. After scrolling for about 2 hours, I picked out some of my favorites. Only Backstage.


  1. I love these photos..the first one is beautiful. xo ava

  2. wang shoes are actually cute!

  3. love these photos!!! :) great post!
    Vicki xo


  4. I LUUUUUUUUV behind the runway pics

  5. i love all of these shots!!
    cute page by the way:)

  6. love those shoes in the last shot. Thanks for your visit... following you now.