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This is the post that was supposed to be posted a few days ago, but the camera news could not wait! This sunny day of January the 12th, I decided to enlighten you all with some of my favorites from Spring collections. I was absolutely swept off of my feet by some of these designers! I know this is really long post so bear with me!


My Nikon is doing very well. It is being bombarded with about 300 pictures a day by its insane caretaker. Other than that, nothing new! How about you guys? Thoughts on Spring collections?

Oh my lord. Look at the colors. Look at the designs. Look at the shapes. I am speechless. It makes me want to go swing on a swing-set and drink lemonade on a rainbow quilt. So rebellious and chic. Ten gold stars for you!

Always so classy. The femine accents are incredible! Chanel always has the most elegant backgrounds at their shows, do you recall the one by the swimming pool? So wonderful. I especially love the lace over the proofed dresses and the beautiful flowers. So chic.

Rodarte. Do I need to re-explain my overflowing feelings? Where do I begin?! This collection gave me butterflies! The intergrading colors from the plums to olives in the show were spectacular. This collection made me have dreams of running away into a closet full of Rodarte clothing (the best dream you could ever have). An aspect of Rodarte that I fully admire is their use of ripped layering. I have never seen a designer execute a style in such an elegant way. Major props to Kate and Laura.

Not only was Marc by Marc Jacobs amazing, but Marc Jacobs himself pulled off quite an inspiring show. He is a designer I worship and this show gave me even more reason to adore him. If I come back in another life, I hope be as genius as our dear old Marc. Ahh I just love this all too much! The colors, the unitards, the syles. Everything!

ps. I have decided I want to name my child Mark. With a C, of course.

I love Luella, ella, ella , eh, eh, eh...
Luella Bartley made my heart melt. Honesty, have you ever seen something more beautiful?! The heart and floral themes make me go mad. I honestly am going to start saving up for the black heart dress. To die for!

Oh Wunderkind Oh Wonderkind, your designs are one of a kind. That was the worst attempt at a rhyme in history but how divine are these masterpieces?! I have to say, the layering reminds me a bit of Rodarte but the way they divinely pulled off the 80's inspired sleeves and floral coats really puts a cherry on top the Spring 2010 collection. Wunderkind, you have amazed me.

The first time I saw a collection from House of Holland (i think it was around 2006?) my jaw dropped. And as I see this collection now, I cant help but smile because as cheesy as it sounds, I feel like the line has really boldly evolved these past few years. The lace in this collection is exquisite. The jean accents and leather cuts really make it boom. I am personally a huge fan of the symmetrical leggings (also sported in Wunderkind). I definitely need to get my hand on a pair of those! Bravo, House of Holland.

No one has ever made a trucker hat and fireman slacks look so inviting. Dsquared(it wont let me do the little to the 2nd power thing) may be one of my top favorite collections this season. Just everything about it makes me do cartwheels inside. I adore the creativity and the mix of everyday looks with trendy twists. Thank you for making some of the most dreaded uniforms that come with a job look fantastic.


  1. Courtney13.1.10

    So the Chanel collection made my mouth water! AAAH! it's breath-taking!
    And Luella....need i say more?! I totally agree with you, it made my heart melt too :D
    i think the House Of Holland was a little awkward and i couldn't see myself wearing any of that o be honest. but they were going for abstract and that's what they achieved.
    you should learn to sew! with your taste in fashion you could make some awesome things! thanks for yet another wonderful post. (i'm a regular reader)

  2. chanel of course going for a surprise ;)

  3. in love with Marc, and Luella. They are brilliant!

    lovelove, M.

  4. I love all those looks! Loved house of holland


  5. Thank you for the comment, Sabrina!
    Yes, I absolutely love Marc by Marc Jacobs and Luella too. I'm still so sad that they've ceased trading!
    Chanel's S/S '10 line was a pleasant surprise too -- love it!


  6. great collection of the images of the shows !!

  7. Wow this is a GREAT post!

  8. marc and luella are doin it for me...

    lovely blog!




  10. Anonymous16.1.10

    this is incredible! i love the way you put down all the pictures in a collage, super creative. I was in love with House of Holland. Honestly I was blown away! Thanks for all the inspiration! I am a frequent reader and definitely a strong follower

    xoxo great post

  11. LuLuLu16.1.10

    love love love love love love love love love

  12. SABRINA i love your blog and i miss you AND PLANS SOON and what editing program did you use to put these runway collages together?

  13. I love this new EXPLOSION of color in these lines. Great great great!